Fabrika is the space for rebellious minds to create and share.  Once a soviet sewing factory has been revived and transformed into a multi-functional urban space bringing together enthusiastic individuals ready to stretch their minds with new exhilarating experiences.  The space now continues its life as the popular hotspot that unites urban style cafes and bars, artist studios and shops, educational institutions, co-working space, the biggest in the region hostel, mind blowing open space courtyard, ever changing one-off events and creates synergy between them.  For like-minded individuals, both locals and travellers, Fabrika is an alternative hotspot for gathering in Tbilisi with a great vibe and prodigious space to create and share, co- work, learn, socialize or have a sleepover.  With its striking “old-meets-new” attitude, Fabrika oozes genuinely cool soviet vibes blended with funky industrial elements. It has become the symbol of renovation, recreation and reinvention.  Fabrika is the creative center of Tbilisi with the unique atmosphere you don’t want to miss!

More Information: https://fabrikatbilisi.com/

09 Mar 2021
18 Oct 2020
29 Mar 2019

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