Irene D'Antò Artist
Born in 1984. Illustrator, Painter, 2D animator. 」 In February 2023 she start experimenting NFT tecnology to spread her art in web3 creating a collection on Foundation called MOVING SCAN : three experimental scanography stop motions, scanning frame by frame her face and elements that interacts with her in the animations. In June 2023 her work "MONOLITH", minted on tezos blockchain, was selected for the Exhibition in Lisbon LET ART BE during Non Fungible Conference #NFC summit, and her work "Ephemeral Body I" was pubblished in ART SHARE Gallery magazine - Issue 3 In August '23 her work "RANDOM" was selected for the Exhibition in Toronto in Blockchain Futurist Conference In August '23 her work "DETOX" was selected for the IRL exhibition @ FABRIKA wall in Tbilisi City (Sept 4-18) In August '23 her works "DEBRIS" and "SHE" was selected for the Exhibition in Las vegas BREATHE! Convention '23 @BREATHEconv (Sept 13-15) 」 Mixed media is her dimension, whatever is available to create is important to free herself in the process, in an instinctive and meditative way. The art process follows her inner side, coincidences and fate; often mistakes can be the opportunity to create something genius, inventing new languages, techniques and new ways of expression. She searches her inner voice, practicing deep meditation in creating Artjournals and Altered magazines, developing her own language, a constant research that allows her to express what she feels and defines her unique style. She taked part to various projects in her life as a singer, creating poems&songs, tying some poems to her paintings. She also cuts out words to glue on her artjournals that seem random but are mirror of her subconscious, as if these words arrived spontaneously,punctually to create her "visual poetry". 」 EDUCATION 2006 I Level Academic Diploma (Bachelor Fine Art) Illustration and Multimedia Animation from European Institute of Design(IED),Rome (100/100 cum laude) 2007 Analog photography class, Rome 2003 Artistic high school diploma Designers for architecture&furniture from Institute of Art, Anagni (100/100 cum laude)
Italy - Rome

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