Privacy Policy

The data of the website users are collected and stored on the web server for up to 5 weeks with Logs. Information received is not applicable for user identification purposes; data processing is carried out only for statistical analysis, identifying possible information security incidents, and web administration purposes. None of the data processed by the website is transferred to third parties. This applies to data transfer to a third party for commercial purposes.

When users visit the website, the date and method of access to the web page are indicated via the server, as well as the address of the Internet Protocol, referral, and resource.

We use Google Analytics to optimize a website, improve quality, and evaluate it technically. This service provides statistical data about the information requested by the users on the website (search content, a section of the website, etc.).

On our website, "Cookies" are used for the user to simplify navigation, provide information in the desired format, and improve the search parameters.

Cookies can determine the visitor's time duration on the site, the city's location, the language of the visitor, whether the user participated in the poll, and whether some technical error occurred.

If you have questions about the terms of the use of the site, please contact us via email:

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