Janusz Jurek Artist
Janusz Jurek is a famous Polish graphic designer and illustrator. He creates his artworks in a very original technique, which is a combination of programming, generative art, drawing and 3D design. He is a winner and author of many local and international awards, and personal exhibitions. Among them is the first place in the category of 3D graphics for artworks Papilarnie part I on Judgment Day Awards 2015 during the Independent Festival of Creative Communication in Croatia, also Bronze award on International Design Awards 2017, Los Angeles. Many of his illustrations are used on the covers of books and magazines, among others in the second part of the album "The Magic of Lines: Line Illustration by Global Artists", Berlin Bright Diaries, New York Dekit, Tokyo Nuz- magazine and Axis, American SPIRIT or German Briggite etc. Janusz’s graphics series called Borderline was awarded in international networks related to art and graphics professional services, including Art People Gallery, Behance, Digital Art, Colossal and Celeste. His graphics officially promoted the The Games Awards 2016 in Los Angeles and were included on the Adobe InDesign startup screen, as well as on the current version of the Adobe Photoshop software.

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