Street Gallery gives artists the ability to exhibit their own works. For this, it is necessary to register in a standard way to fill the form.

After completion of the registration:

  1. Click the "Submit Art" button and go to the page;
  2. Fill in the name, description and add Google Drive link.

* Works must be A2 in size (42x59.4 cm 300 DPI).


  • Photography, mobile photography;
  • Computer illustration;
  • 3D graphics;
  • 2D digital drawing;
  • Illustration of games, comics, books.

If you publish your works on the Web site, you permit to use your works across the country to spread and publish publicly, exhibit, transfer, publication in any form with media and present or future technologies.

Contents of the work

The work sent should not violate the rights of women, children and minorities and should not be discriminatory; The work must not be pornographic or threatening, should not propagate violence or forment racial hatred, must not contain information that will damage the rights, dignity, or honor of the third person as well as must no bear advertising content or other content that contradicts the Georgian legislation.


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