TamOonz is a famous Georgian Street Artist. She has considerable experience participating in many international and local festivals such as: Upfest, Europe’s largest annual street art and graffiti festival, which attracts around 400 artists to paint 50 venues throughout Bedminster and Southville, Bristol (UK), Prasad street art festival (Kathmandu, Nepal, 2016), Exhibition of collaborative works of European street artists (Belgium, 2016), Kosmopolite Art Tour (Belgium, 2012), Batumi Street Art Festival (2013,2014,2017), Fabrikaffiti /Street Art Festival, Wall painting / author of image poster (2016, 2017) and others. In 2018, an American magazine Robb Report named her among five fearless female street artists from around the world who are changing the landscape of the genre, as well as the look of your cities. In 2013, she received the award of Critics’ Choice for her works exhibited in Happenstance Gallery in London.

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