Masho (Mariam) Margishvili is a Georgian artist and a designer. She was born in 1990 in Tbilisi, Georgia. After graduating high school, she studied art history/restoration and Media Art in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and then moved to Vilnius, Lithuania where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA). Since 2013, while working in product and graphic design for startup firms in Georgia and in Vietnam she started illustrating children’s books and began painting. She came to develop/discover a fictional universe with its own stories and characters, which she later formalized as Masholand. In order to transmit the idea of Masholand, she used different media offering various opportunities to create contexts in diverse scales, such as illustrations, large murals, tiny stickers, silk printing, clothing, merchandising, glazed pottery, and accessories. Masho had been living in Tallinn, Estonia and recently graduated from Digital Learning Games Master's program at Tallinn University. She is hoping that her new skills will help Masholand develop faster and become more interactive for a larger audience.

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