HEKATHENA – audiovisual artist from Tbilisi

I changed my profession 6 years ago and switched to digital art, it appears this is my passion. I mainly worked in photogrammetry, projection mapping, VR,  now I'm a full time Game environment artist.

It can be said that in different ways I have been in art all my life. For a long time I was searching for “something” to suit me in my self-realization, until I found the one that later became my profession. I started working on 3D programs in order to create visuals for my own music. Any melody or sound is a story and I see it visually, I guess it might be the same for everyone. I started the project “Hekathena”around the spring 2020, when I decided to release my first album to celebrate my return to music, after a long time.

The form of transmitting my ideas combines several genres. The main part of my work is Cyberpunk, Retrowave and Science Fiction. Also, mysticism and fantasy, Japanese culture, video games, Anime, Manga. Besides, I'm in a style development process right now, I think cyberpunk will be the main theme though, mixed with other genres. I do not limit myself to the genre, I create as I see/feel it in that moment. In my artworks you will see a lot of  warrior women. My instinct for self-realization always requires me to present strong, struggling women.

How much do you use the influence of the location in storytelling?

Location does have an impact, whether you like it or not. In my future works I am going to focus on my location both visually and musically. I like both large-scale ideas (where the location is probably less influential) as well as more specific little stories, emotions. I really like the idea of ​​a post-soviet space revived with neons. Many stories can be told this way.

I think the environment is so harsh that it both helps and hinders. It is hard here, and not only here, but It’s important to maintain energy. Contemporary art has no support by the state, because of this it is even more crucial for the artists to support each other.

Tell us, how did you discover NFT?

I discovered NFT on Instagram, a few times stumbled upon other artists’ tags about it, though I didn’t pay any attention. Then I came across it more and more often, and therefore became very interested. By the winter 2020, I had already started researching.

I never dealt with crypto and started searching for the information. It took quite a lot of time, resources, and sleepless nights to understand. Then I decided to mint my first NFT work and better grasp it in practice. I minted my first NFT in April 2021. 

It's interesting in so many ways, sometimes I think there is a separate NFT planet and we all travel there time by time. I met a lot of artists and got into direct communication with them, but before we used to just liking and commenting on each other's works on Instagram. Actually, a very large community has been created, where a lot of great and crazy ideas can be discovered.

I have made many friends and a few quite good ones. Here you have the feeling that you become a part of something very big in the world of art (and not only). I started collecting too, and bought quite a few works by other artists. It feels like a great strength when we help each other. I think the lives of many artists have been literally changed by the NFTs. For now I am sold out on every platform.

I would add that one of my last works was bought by a Georgian guy, completely unknown to me, who simply saw my works on Instagram, liked them and supported me. This is really a very important fact for me, I am so happy.

I think many people do not even know, or observe the NFT market in my country. However, a large number have already heard of it and even made an income or just started collecting. Those who get to know about it, start asking about NFTs which is good and I am happy to share this information. One thing that I noticed, is that some people who want to try NFT, think that it is an easy way to get money, but unfortunately it is not that easy at all. There are many steps you must take right to begin the process, it also depends on aspiration, luck, chance and many other things, especially when you are not a famous artist yet. It requires a lot of time, energy and willpower. First of all, we should not accept it just like this: “oh lets create and drop it on the marketplace and i will be rich. It is a much larger, extensive and diverse/multifunctional system.

Can you tell us about other Georgian NFT artists?

The guys from my country I often contact directly regarding NTF, are Nika Kutelia, Levan Eredeli, Ana Maghradze, Levan Amashukeli and more. It’s great, we all work in different genres and it is very nice to communicate with such good artists. Each of them is really unique. We help each other and exchange information. It's hard, because we all work and sometimes have to fall out of rhythm, but I think we still overcome it according to the circumstances.

There are a few Georgian artists that I know from afar and often come across their work on Twitter. XESUSBOBO - I really like his style, and it is one of my favorite genres. Sol Aphroditus, a very good and different artist. Mikibo - very diverse and professional, he created the cover  for my music EP, though it isn’t uploaded anywhere yet. Levan Eredeli and the ArtUp team help us a lot. I think it is a very good platform for artists in Georgia and not only.

It is a great challenge to stay unique in my style as an artist. I believe that the biggest challenge is to stay true to yourself, your art and your goals. 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/hekathena/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/hekathena

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6VUAJ1gnZl0lAJyp6bE2Xe?si=eo3N0rYuT5WnkdbUZSiXTQ&nd=1 

y.at: https://bit.ly/3Dik5Jo

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