"Freedom of self-expression and movement of female artists", - this is how the main idea of her work is characterized by Tamoonz, whose works can be found in many countries around the world.


- Tamuna, when did you start creating street paintings?

I have been interested in this field of art for about last 14 years. At that time, there were no special dyes in Georgia, and that is why I started creating street paintings much later, around 2008/2009. And I have been taking it seriously since 2012.


- Being a graphic designer by your profession, how did you get into street art?

Yes, I graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 2008 with a degree in graphic design. However, I was less interested in this profession. Since 2006 I’ve been a freelancer/ illustrator/designer/2D game artist always managing to paint in the street at the same time, and for the last few years been mainly active in this field of art.


- What is the main theme of your art and why? 

I would say that one of the main directions of my work are women, since I am also a woman. The involvement of women in the arts or in other fields, their support for each other, their freedom of expression and movement are very important to me.



- How the process of working abroad differs from working in Georgia?

Well, it differs a lot. Due to my work, I travel a lot. Since 2012 I’m often invited to participate in international mural festivals and exhibitions such as Upfest (UK), K.A.T (Belgium), Prasad (Nepal) etc. I see how my foreign colleagues work, what approach do experienced, professional artists have to their job. At the same time, working abroad gave me more courage and freedom of expression. I would say, there are more ways to act freely in cases that sometimes are almost impossible in Georgia. Which is caused by various circumstances.


- Have your recent projects and exhibitions been affected by the global pandemic?

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus spreading, the planned event where I had to participate has been postponed until next year. However, positive news is still happening in Georgia. In September I participated in "Niko 2020" festival, where I created murals in Tbilisi and Batumi.


- Which of your artworks are most special for you? 

It’s hard to single out one, because I love almost all my works. As soon as I avoid apparent attitude to the creative process and put myself as much as possible in each of my paintings. I love the process of depicting on the wall the most, because working on massively large surfaces grants me with the greatest energy.



- What do you consider as the biggest challenge in the profession of street artist?

I think the biggest challenge is being constantly in action. The artist should be in total motion, and never stop, even though sometimes his art may not be appreciated. Festivals and activities support are very important, which also gives a motivation to creative people.


- In your opinion, what biggest problem is creative industry facing now?

It is crucial to appreciate and support our artists. Challenges have always existed, and will last everywhere, it is a natural process. I think artists in Georgia need more attention, and not only from the state.



- Who would you name as your favorite artists?

A lot! There are many interesting artists whom I respect very much and I keep an eye on their creations, e.g. Etam Cru, Broken Fingaz, BLU, Moebius, Enki Bilal, James Jean, etc.


- What is your favorite festival you have participated or would like to participate in the future?

All the festivals I took part in are distinctive. However, the first international festival K.A.T, which was held in Belgium in 2012 is still the most precious to me. My life changed for 180 degrees there. I would be happy to paint the same walls with the same artists once more.


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Author: Nino Tsitlanadze

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