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STREET GALLERY has partnered with A TRANS project and we're thrilled to bring Peter Piek's physical installation, previously exhibited in Berlin Underground, to our digital arts museum.

The new exhibition series is inspired by the film Ghost Dog:

The Way of the Samurai by Jim Jarmush from the year 1999 that portrays the story of societal outsiders, living in a sort of parallel universe and learning of the consequences of absolute dedication to one’s own self as an ideal.

A TRANS has invited a selection of protagonists to depict their own (or a chosen) journey through life. Peter Piek is an artist and musician who has developed a very unique artistic visual language. Partly he creates his artistic world while traveling. In the performances he alternates between painting and making music. He finds his freedom in time through repeat and rhythm and in space through colors. In the A TRANS vitrine Peter Piek starts a new experiment ‘in the underground‘, directly on the platform and visible to the public. The performance establishes a connection to the new exhibition space BASEMENT in the nearby Europa-Center.

Peter Piek lives and works in Leipzig, he studied at the Academy of Arts Leipzig.


Entrance to the Digital Museum is only possible via PC or Tablet.

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