Tib - 256ART Artist
The name is Tibout, but I usually go by Tib, I’m the founder behind 256ART. I’m originally from Belgium, but have moved to the country of Georgia where with 256ART we’re currently building out our first physical art gallery. Most of my life I’ve been either traveling or building out new projects. My interest in blockchain technology started in earnest in 2016. I’ve been captivated by the technological possibilities it allows for and started my blockchain dev journey by creating multiple dapps for the Hive blockchain. In 2021 I transitioned towards the Ethereum blockchain as I was fascinated by the world of NFTs. This also lead me to learn about generative art, and well, it just clicked. My mother is a fine art restorer in profession, so from a young age I’ve always had an art influence in my life, but I had never really thought of combining it with my main passion: software development. Once I realized that option existed, I never looked back. I created 256ART for other upcoming generative artists, to share their art with the world and build out their artistic brand by focusing heavily on story (something I personally often find lacking in the current generative art space).

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