Kaan Basan - The Museum

From 23 August, Street Gallery is presenting Kaan Basan's digital artifact in the Digital Arts Online Museum.

Creating real drawings from a point cloud involves using X, Y, and Z sequences to predict coordinates. After closely tracking this point cloud for 1.5 months, the artist skillfully integrated it into their studies, resulting in remarkable drawings. With a staggering 844,082,660 data points, the process melds technology and artistic vision, forming a captivating blend of lines and colors.

About Kaan Basan
Kaan Basan, also known as "knbsnn," is a digital artist whose journey has been defined by unwavering determination and a passion for design. From a young age, Kaan's fascination with 2D and 3D design ignited a creative spark.

Kaan envisions NFTs as more than tokens: they're tickets that connect collectors with the artist's soulful creations. His story is a testament to resilience and creativity, reminding us that artistic expression can illuminate a transformative path even amidst challenges. Kaan invites us to journey through his imagination with each artwork and join him in shaping new dimensions of NFT artistry.

Artifact: https://streetgallery.io/room/481

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