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Artwork by Levan Amashukeli


Starting from now, ArtUp - Street Gallery offers revived artworks, created by WebAr (Web based augmented reality) application. Digital street art gallery is the first in Georgia to offer art development of this kind.

How does WebAr creations work?

- Artists only create and send us animations / videos, they don’t need to use programming and other tools. For example, you have created an animation / video and want to turn it into AR work of art with our support. After registering on the ArtUp web site and filling into a special form (Your Exhibition), our team will select the completed application. After selection, your video will be uploaded to the database, assigned with a unique code and the shot you choose will be printed, put into a frame and prepared. It is also interesting to use sounds you can add to the artwork to accompany the video.



How are animations / videos comprised?

- We scan the QR code with mobile phone camera to go to the link, and when the camera is activated, our program automatically reads the artwork it sees, then turns on the video at the specified dimensions. It all happens without downloading the app, you just need to have internet access.


Where will the artwork be sold / presented?

- The works will be sold in the online shop on our platform or exhibited in the streets/selected spaces.


- I would like to address everyone who is interested, that this method is an excellent tool of expression, because we can bring your ideas to life in a large buildings, street art, museums, galleries, posters, tickets, music albums and many other activities, installations and exhibitions. We are ready to collaborate and make interesting projects.

If you are an artist, are interested and already have creative ideas, you are welcome to send us your artworks, because we are constantly looking for you.


Art Up - Street Gallery was founded in 2016 in Batumi and is a movement that creates alternative, non-traditional exhibition spaces in different cities and countries.




Art Up - Street Gallery Founder

Levan Geliashvili Eredeli

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