Transparent Box by NIno Khundadze


A project by Nino Khundadze that was meant to create a space for people to share their dreams, sorrow and much more. It all started with an empty transparent box and empty papers in 5 colors at Tbilisi Metro Fest. Each color had a theme to invited people to share. 257 notes captured the abstract emotional picture of those hours when the installation was in Tbilisi metro and will touch everyone's heart who will decide to read. Those notes are obvious examples of how alike we all are, while being totally unique. It shows how we all dream and suffer in the same way and how sharing holds the magic of seeing the whole picture, instead of staring at one the whole time.

I regret the past.
I dream that my loved ones (Nino), were healthy and to reach my childhood goal.
I regret those moments when I could have been kinder to others.
I dream Papidze and Dogra were not dumb.
You, my unknown friend. No matter who you are, where you live or how old you are, it means no worldly things. You are one of us. One for all, all for one. I send you with this my best thoughts. I hope you live life regardless of the limitations. We all have some kind of limitation, but it has nothing to do with the core of life. The joy, the one with the big J, it exists regardless of material goods or economic wealth. For wealth is something that exists within us. Wealth is not about money. When happiness is limited to money, one has lost oneself. It is the small details of life that matter. Your loved ones. Your inner silence. Listen to some nice music or drink a cup of tea. Alone or with good friends. It is making a difference. A difference for something or someone. It's joy. It is the seed of a good life. So with these thoughts, I ask you, my unknown friend, to stand firm, live life emotionally and look beyond the limitations. I wish you the best and maybe I see you some day out there. Who knows! With love!
To be a musician, to travel, humanly happiness and to meet my isteric Howl and hear him say: “That’s my girl”.
I dream: I don’t dream any more!
Nothing, everything made me stronger.
Wasted time.
That everyone was happy.
I miss my conversations with one of my best friends Duane Lauritsen who passed in November 2019.
To become who I want to be.
My dream is to be a Spider-Man.
I miss village. Sandro Chanturia
To be successful.
I dream that you have to open your eyes.
I regret not letting some&all things go.
That people love each other more.
It is so beautiful.
To get the driving license and buy a car MUSTANG-GT and to lock the speed till the end :)
I dream to be what I want to be, to become an idle self. Pass the exams. To prove my abilities in front of everyone.
I miss happiness, feeling of freedom, I miss love, I miss first love and happy and satisfies me.
I don't know you and I wish you a happy life <3
Dear Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, IZ, Martin Luther King & Duane – thanks for showing me how to be human and the power of love over hate! Rest in peace.
I want to tell you that I love you.
I want to tell you how special you are and how special every human being is.
I want to tell you that you are enough!
I dream to have a home, am a homeless boy 5790820**
Fight for your happiness, enjoy every minute, regret nothing, do things you want without thinking.
Rest if you are tired… Accept yourself the way you are… You are good…
I dream about mixed, multi-planetary civilization, where we defeat robots, replace our organs and live forever.
Bare the life and you will be happy here and now.
I dream of having a robotic hand and ultraviolet sight.
I dream for Georgia to reunite.
I miss when pleasant spring breeze blows and takes everything extra away…
I dream to have a dream <3
I dream to be a realized person.
In this conditions I have to put aside my personal life and fully engage with university, because my mind is totally into reading/learning the materials. I can't control my thoughts well. xoxo
I miss my careless childhood.
I dream of… I don’t know.
I want to tell you, that when you look into the eyes of the people, you see there a being, that is trying to become better…
You are a human brand! <3
I miss my childhood village house.
I want to become Olympic champion.
A letter to Javakha Javakha (shechema) I love you and I miss you the most. I want you back :(( Before you said: “I will call you Shechema” and I refused, you can call me anything you want, if only you could be by my side right now. You are my #1 person. I will remember you till death and beyond. (Khakhvi) <3
I miss home :)
I dream.
Of flying.
I want to tell you that it does not matter what you’ve done or will do in this life, cuz even the fact you’re born makes you super special and unlike others. P.S. This message has no exact receiver, it’s just for everyone who needs to find themselves.
Love is love.
A good job without Beso and Tamariko.
I dream of going to America and to lose weight.
I dream of becoming a Spider-Man.
I want to tell you that I think about you every day.
Fuck You
Levan, we need to talk. Dola
As I write my love letter to you will see the inner self that you did not know.
I miss the time when I was not worried about anything, when I was younger.
I dream of becoming one with everything to become nothing.
Live your way and accomplish your goals.
They told Vazha-Pshavela’s father that his son was greater. He said he would be greater, when he would raise a greater son. Sali this is dedicated to you.
I want a person who will love me and whom I will love appear in my life <3<3<3
I regret pouring out, dying before being able to be someone.
I miss old times :)
I miss my best friend who is not alive any more <3 Lali
I wish you that all your actions were so conscious, that you won't regret any decision even for 1 minute.
To forgive more.
I miss…
I regret that I made Giga dumm.
I want you to know that you can do everything and everything is in your hands! :-)
I dream of a world where everyone is enough, has enough and contributes their best - where together we take care of ourselves, each other, our communities and the planet.
I miss my grandmother.
I dream of being a policeman.
I miss him/her.
The first work (Maka Zedelashvili) is Super! Stella
I want to tell you that you are the most beautiful in the world! <3
I want to win.
I regret not telling you that I love you more often. Patric
I regret that I was lazy on lessons and now it showed its results.
To enlarge ass for me and my friend.
My deceased friends and family members :(
Nini <3 Colorful, warm. From Nugo :(
I dream to be good.
I miss Leno and childhood.
I dream of becoming a great violinist.
To find happiness. To turn my goals into reality.
I want to tell you that I love you and I will always love you. Patric
I regret that I did not fall in love with myself.
I dream about my natural addition.
I miss talking with you and your kiss.
I miss that homely feeling on Sunday evenings!
Shmagos hug.
I regret that I have told many lies! and blamed others!
I dream of passing the exams and getting the grant! <3
I love you!
I dream that the pandemic has ended! Because I want to see my friends and I will see more and more of them.
I dream to study programming fundamentally and to become a professional programmer.
I dream about the world, where my friends don't die. Krave, you are painful for Sanzona and the whole world (Khakhvi) <3
My dad!
I dream of never stopping dreaming…
I dream that psychological problems left me.
Nika Qutelia you are “Tesli” <3
Live with what you have, follow whatever you love. Love everyone unconditionally. It’s love that makes the earth go around.
Resting thinking about simple things. Summer. Family meetings.
I regret that I did not study well from the beginning. Now it’s one hundred times more brain squeezing.
Positive changes in the children's wellbeing sphere. I want kids to not need to be protected from their parents. A wish from psychologist Khati.
I dream that they give back our cat.
I love a butterfly.
Go away.
Childhood years, when school was the only thing to think about. Now together with ourselves we have to think about everyone.
I dream to don’t be working at the bakery any more.
I miss a world where everything is real. Also kinder and my love Nikusha <3
I dream of peacefulness. Mental peace, that automatically transforms into a happy life.
To get married soon.
That God exists.
I regret a lot of time that I wasted.
I regret stupid things that happened in the past.
This is art?!
I love you too!
Acts done without thinking.
I dream about him/her.
I dream to become a famous illusionist. Sandro Chanturia
To get into magical anime world.
I miss something, love and luck, but on the other side I’m very happy.
Life is a gift, no matter what the fight should go on :)
I loved my grandfather the most. I am 25 years old now, but I still always miss him and seeing every old man makes me cry. In the train, there was an old man sitting in front of me. He was talking while being lost in space. Like my grandfather’s last years. I started to cry, left the train on the first stop and found that exhibition. P.S. I think I met “the one”. She is perfect and is treating me very well. Make those who don’t treat you well “fuck off” right away. :)) <3
I miss Tedo.
Hey… How are you!
That I did not study well.
I regret that I got bad mark in the physics exam. Sandro Chanturia
A letter to a stranger: remember the name of Ilan Mask’s and Grimes child… 010100100000
I regret that I did not hug him/her more.
I want to tell you that I love you very much <3
I dream of becoming a mathematician.
Wasted time.
I dream that God gives the brain to Klogicha!
I want you to always be smiling! <3
Of the world, where there is no hunger.
I dream of flying beyond the clouds of this reality to find a better place.
My dream is Saba.
I dream to don't get kicked out of Vekua. Nini :)
I miss my computer. P.S. You are a dick.
I dream to be an actor and to pass the exams for Theater University,
I miss my friend, I don't remember the name, but I have not seen her for a very long time. I think her name was Anastasia and also I miss my other friend who’s name is also Anastasia, I think, if I remember correctly.
I love you very very much.
I dream that left-wing, liberal party-labourite party lead by Salva Natelashvili came to government! Circle 10.
I’m not afraid any more.
Cousin Mariam!
To go on spider-man on the 21st together with him/her.
I dream to be a good man and to make my parents be proud of me.
Give me Asian person <3 thanks <3
I miss everything about you , the words you sent me morning and night. I miss you madly.
That Auto’s hair regrow itself.
I dream to have power, with which I could make common problems disappear.
I regret nothing!
That we missed chemistry lesson.
To the one who will read this I want you to know that despite everything you smile and plant love in your heart! <3
5 <3
I dream of being a fairy.
I love snow man.
For everything to be well.
I wish you more strength to overcome the suffering of existence.
I dream of seeing the snowman. Elene Sikharulidze 7 years old.
I dream about harmony and balance.
That childhood is very short and even then we are thinking about the time after.
I dream to have a future, where there is no conflict between any soul.
I am Alex Bachevashvili and I vote for “missing”.
For the new year I want headphones with Bluetooth. If you want to give me as a gift, call me 5712105**
I regret that I am not a better student.
You can do everything that is good.
<3 Being a good boy<3 My dream is to be a dolphin.
How are you Levan? :) Very cool exhibition. By Shonka. Shevardna?
I dream of becoming the best football player.
My Megrelian accomplice.
I want to hit in the head with pie those who will say that Mateo is stupid.
I want to say thank you for this moment.
I miss grandfather and also father, who is going somewhere every month.
Never give up. Always fight for your dreams to come true!
I dream of happiness and peace (to pass the exams, Got please look after me).
Unfortunately artists and culture people are not appreciated in Georgia!
I want a twin sister very much <3 Nia Manasha
I regret the verbal pain I caused to others intentionally or unintentionally.
My brother who died. They killed him 1 year ago. I love him more than anyone. I will love him till I am alive and I miss him the most. I would give up my life if only he could come back.
I miss Giorgi.
I regret that I put a terrible blame on my best friend!
Don’t worry about anything, everything will be well. Just don’t give up and keep moving forward <3
I dream of being a marionette.
Maybe you think that life was unfair to you and now everything is hard for you, but you are strong, you will overcome everything and be a champion in the future. Everything is in your hands, the important thing is to overcome the hard times and hold yourself up. Everything will work out!
I miss you.
I regret my past :(
That I am shy to say my mind (was shy to say my mind).
I dream to accomplish something that will be useful for others and for myself :) <3
I wish I could understand that wire.
I regret not having enough motivation… I will fix it…
I miss childhood. Careless days and family warmth, that is associated with my grandmother, who is not alive any more.
Having wings.
Long live Belarus <3<3<3
I regret that I am not doing what I want to do.
Never put yourself in frames and even if you will be totally alone, do whatever feels most right for your heart.
I regret that the most of my life I wasted in stupid things.
I want to tell you that nobody is talented.
I dream of a wealthy family and my own room.

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